Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love books

Books are such an important thing in my whole life. I loved read novels when I was a kid, I forgot everything when I read a book, which I think is the main reason why I have glasses:P Book was like a window, it let me see the outside world and opened my mind.

There has two years I totally read nothing, and felt life was very boring and empoty and I didnt know what I was miss. When there has one day one friend told me: Rebecca, I think you should read some books, I feel you can't express yourself well. I was shocked at that moment. The thing I was looking for is reading. I really appreciated that friend let me knew the truth and finally I back to the books' world again.
Now, I keep reading, and back to the world only belong to me. When I feel lonely, books give me power. When I feel boring, books give me joy. When I feel lost, books give me the direction. Be a wise girl, I should keep doing this and will not give up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just got the picture from Facebook posted by my dear friend Lea, it suddenly reminded me a lot of memories. Half year could make lots of things happen, and I just realized how much I miss she. The days we hanged out, the days we did language exchange, the days we have milk tea, the days we have picnic, the days we attended parties. Wish someday we could meet again!


Back to this blog again, feeling like you missed something before and now you found it.It is a strange feeling, but I feel happy and cant really believe it is real. I really hope it will not be blocked again, please please let me keep writing on this web.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I never though tonight one amazing thing happened,which was I can open my blogger again. It is true nothing can be happier for me at this moment. Actually I really like writting,even my writing skill is not that good,but the feeling of writing is really cool.When you are writing,you can forget what is happening around you,you are in your own world.

Time flyes, a lot of things have changed since last time I logged in this blog. Even blogger has changed a lot of its style.It is sad when suddenly you found the whole world is changing but only you still in the same place.I read a lyric wrote like this:my shadow's the only one that walks beside me. Actully I dont want others to see I am seem lonely. Sometimes lonely can be ok, the worse thing is when you found there have nothing worth you to do or none worth you to meet.

These days, I tried to focus myself on my job,I know it is a way to escape from life.I am trying to make myself too busy to be lonely or be bored, Stay at home,reading,hiding on MSN or whatever chat tools, forget the whole world.I know this way will make things worse,but sometimes you can find the peace of your heart. Then I think it is nothing wrong to let yourself to be in this way,


Monday, March 22, 2010

A story without ending

Zero was a serior student of an university at that year when she was 20.she was an outgoing,kind hearted girl.she likes to make friends,and help people.

She met M in the school’s English Corner,which was hold at every Wednesday evening in the sqare of the school.At there you can meet the foreign teachers and overseas students.M was one of the overseas students who comes from Spain.He speaks strong Spanish accent English.Zero was very interesting about this.M was srounded by a lot of students at that moment.Zero took a deep breath and bravely spoke with him.M’s strong accent made Zero can’t totally understand him,but she can guess the main information was M quited his job and came to China to study Chinese.he choce this city is because it is not a modern city,he likes the life of countryside,and he no need to spend a lot of money.But he said he doesn’t have any Chinese friends,because he just arrived last,he exchanged his mobile number with the Chinese students,Zero did too.Zero was happy,she will have a froeign friend soon,he is a student as her,not a teacher like usually she has.Zero told M she would like to do a language exchange with him,and M was very happy for this,he agreed.

They story begins.

Several day later after their meeting.M contacted with Zero.after discussed,they agreed to meet at M’s apartment.After Zero handed up her phone,she felt a littlbe bit regret and nervous,that will be her first time to meet a foreigner alone.she doesn't know any thing about him.but she sure M is a good person.and she wanted to trust her inner invoice instead of doubt him.

They met at M’s apartment.Zero realized actually M is a shy boy.But Zero is a very outgoing and talktive girl,so it was no problem for them to chat.they talked a lot about languages and culture.then they made a schedule for their language exchange.

As M had to move to a new apartment,they didn't have time to do their language at all.Zero helped him a lot.they spent a lot of time shopping together for M’s new apartment.they had meals together.most importantly,they had a lot of fun.

After everything was prepared,they began to clean the apartment.M’s likes clean very he cleaned every corner of the was a big project.But they did together which made the job easier.M always tried to play fun with Zero when they were cleaning,and kept asking her if she think him is strange,because he knows in China,men don’t do a lot of cleaning.Zero just laughed.M put his big jacket on Zero.the jacket was so big for Zero.they laughed crazily.Actually Zero was shy,that was the first time a boy puts a jacket on her.

Day by day,they know each other well.they studied Spanish together.Zero has problem on
The pronouce of “rr” in the Spanish language.M tried his best to correct her,but he failed may times.Zero always took it for fun,but seems M really wants to teach her how to do that.

M likes jiking and climbing mountain.He likes peace.he always invited Zero to climb mountain with him,but Zero always refused.She is lazy and she doesn’t really like climbing.but when M asked her again,she agreed.they process of climbing was very hard for her.but M always gave her a hand when she needed help.with M’s help they reached the top of the moutain at last.Zero surprisely found it was really like what M discribed.the view was great.most importantly,it was very quite.they sat in a stone and didn't speak to each other.they just enjoyed the sound of birds and seems that moment,this world only has Zero and M.

M invited Zero to her apartment to try the fruit wine made by himself.he told her in Spain,people likes this kind of wine,but it is hard to find the ingredients in this small city.he also made salad for her.the wine was a little bit strange for Zero,she can’t drink at all,but she didn’t tell M.she was happy M made this for her.For her,that means they are really true friends.

Everything seems going very well until one Sunday afternoon.

That day,M went to do a jiking with Zero,they began from their school,it was nice at the beginning.they talked a lot when they were walking.M told Zero his stories about his ex girlfriend and his family.and Zero also told him she worried about the future.they became friends can talk whatever now. M asked Zero if he can take a picture of her,he hopes in the future if he left China,he can still keep her picture.but Zero refused this,she doesn't like pictures.which made M very disappointed.

They kept walking,but M didn't speak too much any more.Zero didn't know what happened made him kept silent.she also felt very tired after walked a long road.she wanted to ask M if they can have a sit and take some relax.but M was far from him,he didn't pay attendtion to Zero at all.Zero was sad and angry with him.she kept follow him and tried to sit on the road when she felt very tired.but when she reached the end of the bridge she found M was standing at there waited for her.Finally M spoke to her,he told her”you can take that bus back to school.”Zero was disappointed when he abandoned her.but she agreed,because she was exhaused at that time.Zero felt despressed when she on the bus,she knew there should be have some things wrong happened made M didn't want to speak to her any more.

After that time,M didn't contact with back to the days when they never met.But Zero cherish their friendship very much.she called M and asked him to have a walking.M agreed.but when they met,he kept silent again.Zero tried her best to speak as much as she can.M answered her with some simple words.Zero felt very tired about his answer.she asked him”How about go back?” M agreed without feel any surprise.

From that day on,they totally don't contact.Zero sometimes got the news of M from their roomates.such as they saw him in the library or in the play ground.Zero always kept silent when she heared about this.

Time flyes,it was time of the summer holidays.the students were happily preparing to back home.but this time Zero felt sad to leave the school.she knew M will leave soon.anyways.she also back to her hometown when the holiday began.

One afternoon of the summer holidays.when she got up from a nap.she found she miss M very much.she didn't know what kind of feeling it is.they are friends,but it seems there have some things beyond friendship.she wanted to call M.but she felt nervous when the phone connecting.on the other hand,she knew if she doesn't call him now,she will never have chance.because M was leaving that moment.when the telephone got throught.they kept silent again.Zero was very sad,she cried.She knew everything is going to end.via the phone,she just said to him”take care yourself and good luck for your life” then she handed up.tears were full of her eyes.she knew they cant go back any more.

It was a pity they don't have each other’s email address or other contact methods.M’s number cant use any more after he left China,but Zero still keep is not a number,it is memory.Zero still happily having her life.but in her heart she still cant forget this memory.she never figure out what happened between them made the story ends with silence.but one thing she is sure,that is she will never get the answer,because she cant meet M ends without a ending.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Awesome,I am back to blogger

I really miss my blogger.I am keeping find if there have any blog websites are as good as blogger.but I failed.maybe because I put a lot of time at this blog,so I think others are not good.anyway,I really hope I can log in again and again by another link,then I can keep writing what I like.I think I have a lot of stories have not be published,they are only writen on my notebook after I can't log in at here.I hope I can put them here soon:)

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Those days I watched a drama called “My Queen”(Bai Quan Nv Wang), long time not watch any dramas. I know it is soap drama, but it really gives me some touching. the story is about a woman who is 33 years old but still single. she is very excellent in career, but failed at love. it makes me think a lot. the heroine’s life is very common nowaday, people’s social circle is limited, and they are hard to trust one another, so they only can find their pleasure in their jobs. I think I am still young, 23 years old, is it old? maybe. butI don’t think so, just my relatives, my colleauges give me the stress like I need to find a boyfriend or I need to think about marriage.

Marriage, what is marriage? it is a woman and a man exchange the rings,and register in the bureau, and live together, have children.seems not bad. one of my classmates who have graduated last year like me got married last year, she was really surprised me, it seems she got married immidately after graduation, she is satisfy with this, and this year,she gave birth to a baby,when she told the process of gave birth to a baby, her face was full of smiling as all the mothers do. when she told me that, it seems marriage and baby is far far from me, I even cant take care of myself, how can I take care of my family my child? it seems its still not what I need to think. there is a phenomena in the society is a lot of girls after they graduate, they prefer to marry a rich man than wasting time of finding a job, because it is very hard to get a job for the gaudates. it seems marriage is changing it is meaning, it is not a responsibility for the couples to make a family, but it contains a lot of elements of profit. Is it a sad thing?

For my classmate,seems her marriage is nice, but life is always not that easy. several days ago I called my friend who married several months ago. when I asked how is his life,it seems he feels very sad. he told me his wife can’t understand him and they argue a lot. his wife even said she wants to get divorce. in my mind, my friend is a very nice man, he treats everyone very nice, he can do very good business and can cook very delicious food, it seems he is so perfect, but he is facing the challenge of marriage. I didn't know how to console him when he complained to me. I think most people have their imagination about marriage before they get marry,after they get married, they will find it is not as what they think, he will face a lot of difficulties of handling the problems happening in the family, therefore,they will feel sad, frustrated. I don't know if what I think is right or not, that is just my feeling.

I still remember that afternoon,it was sunset time, I walked in the campus, the sun shined on a old couples who walked in front of me hand in hand, I was so moved at the moment. After several years, I think that is the meaning of marriage in my mind.

(The pictures are copied from internet)