Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is coming,here,everywhere is crazy busy.traffic,shops,restaurants, seems I always dont have any interesting in busy things,but for work,I hope I can be busy.when I busy I can forget a lot of things,just focus on my job.I dont know if I using this way to escape from life.I dont like here that much,that is because this is a money world.and nothing special for view.all are high buildings,but it is a good place for job.I still remember when I was a student,I hope I can have my own business.but now,things changed.I will think even I have my own business I will not live happily.and now,i prefer to own a coffee bar,or others which can provide peole to relax.People will feel I am crazy if I tell them I like to be a waitress in a coffee bar.But I really like that kind of place.As my age getting old,it seems it is impossible to do this kind of job.

Anyway,It is better to have a dream than no,therefore,I will try to fulfill it,even I know it is difficult,or it will be changed as time pass.I just hope I can try .

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  1. It seems the content doesnt have any relationship with the title,haha