Thursday, January 22, 2009

Say goodbye to my 22

My birthday will come soon,although it is in chinese means I will be 23 years old.oh ,seems very old.haha.I think 22 is a very important age for this year,a lot of things happened,bad ,happy---anyway,it is life.I think I am a happy person,but I feel lonely at this city most of the time,I think people live in the city always have this feeling,although it is crowed,a lot of people.but lonely is not the business with the people,at least i think so.

22 years old,a girl take her camera,walk along the road.view all the things lonely,feel all the things lonely.share all the things with her camera.although she can not take good pictures,she likes to do this.feel the sunshine on her face.feel the wind kiss her face.feel the beautiful songs the birds sing---

22 years old,a girl tried to love one time,at last she failed,because she gave up. she had a happy ending with the boy,and she back to the life of single.she feels satisfy.she wants to thank that boy.

22 years old,she graduated from the the graduated party,the whole class thanks her,because she did a lot of things for all the classmates.she felt very tired .but she felt happy,because she knew all she did is valuable.

22 years old she started to work,feel the new life different from school.she feel she lost.she can not happy again at the begining.but she think she must do her job well,she works hard.but she feels the working life is so boring,always the same things.she feel that is not the life she looking for.she the day coming to say goodbye to her 22.she still dont know what the future will be.but she hope she can experience different life.and she is waiting for ---

For her coming 23 years old,she hope it will be better,and she needs to think about her future.She knows she is old enough to do more things she never try and afraid to try,she hope she will take the first step to try.

Say Happy Birthday To Myself:)

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