Sunday, February 22, 2009

show time

Another boring weekend,and I took several pictures of my things to kill time,It is fun,although my taking skill is really bad:p who cares,just enjoy:)

There are part of the sea shells of my collection,everytime when I back to my hometown,I will spend a lot of time on the beach to pick shells,it is a really funny thing:)but tired:p

The toys are two kids gave me,haha,the same one is from a very clever boy,he is 12 years old,but knows a lot of things,this toy was he gave me after he won a shot gun game,the amazing thing is everytime he never miss any shot :0

I like this fan,see some many chinese opera drama figures there:)

There are things from my friends

Say hello:) p.s: it is dirty:p a kid made it became dirty,not me:p

There are part of my "red envelopes" ,I got some many this year:)and I like to collect them,some envelopes are have very good design.

This is my diary book,and the bookmark is from my American friends,who are a very nice couples,the bad thing is I lost their mail address:(

Beautiful?I like this very much,I like collect leaves,different kinds of leaves,I think every leaf has a story when it falls from the tree.

They are the old Chinese currency,one cent and two cent.

This is a postcard from my Singapore friend who is studying in Australia,the koala is so lovly:)I hope I can see them when one day I get Australia:)

Still have a lot of things want to show,but they are at my hometown not here,I hope one day I can take pictures for them.things can remind people a lot of makes me think on nowadays,people have mobile phone,computer and a lot of things make life more easier,in the same time,we will find we cannt find the trace of a lot of memory .history cannt back anymore,when you found one day you try to memorize something but you cannt,it is really a pity thing.everyday we can find a lot of things to keep,if I pay more attention to life,we will have surprise:)

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have no idea what I going to write,just want to mark down some thing for today.Today is my Internation Calender bithday,but it seems has no meaning for me,only few people know this,and I had celebrated my Chinese calender birthday.

I like the weather of today,so nice,at this moment I have one wish is I can sit at the beach and see the sunset.that was what I usually did when I at my home where is a house near the sea.I can feel most of the places I like have sea.for me ,sea has a special feeling,I dont know how to express. everytime when I sit at the beach,I can forget the whole world,let me escape form the real life for a while.I only can have this feeling when I near the sea,this is can see the birds flying above the sea,the blue sky,you can feel the lovly wind kiss your face,and the sound of the sea,all the things are so nice,no noisy,no stress---

I know I cannt fulfill my wish today,because I am at the office at this moment,what I can do is immagin,but it is ok,life always beautiful at the corner,just keep smiling:)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Enjoy the beautiful morning

This morning I tried to do something new,I walked along the road to the next station to take a bus,it seems it is a stupid action,because I can by bus at my station,it is near my home.but I want to enjoy this beautiful morning.

When you see the crowed street,a lot of people in this city,it will make you crazy.but in the other hand,you still can find something good in the place you this morning,I feel when the sun shed on my body,the beautiful blue sky,the funny children,you can still feel life is beautiful.

I think it a nice way to take several minutes have a walking on the morning,you can have a happy mood .you can feel no matter how difficult life is ,or how bad the thing is,life still has it's beautiful side,love life,enjoy life^^

Monday, February 2, 2009





一六一五年从培尼西亚开始,向欧洲全土散播咖啡文化。那股强势当然在各地掀起摩擦。 在罗马也引起伊斯兰教徒的饮料带给基督教徒饮用,赞成与否两个论调。