Sunday, February 22, 2009

show time

Another boring weekend,and I took several pictures of my things to kill time,It is fun,although my taking skill is really bad:p who cares,just enjoy:)

There are part of the sea shells of my collection,everytime when I back to my hometown,I will spend a lot of time on the beach to pick shells,it is a really funny thing:)but tired:p

The toys are two kids gave me,haha,the same one is from a very clever boy,he is 12 years old,but knows a lot of things,this toy was he gave me after he won a shot gun game,the amazing thing is everytime he never miss any shot :0

I like this fan,see some many chinese opera drama figures there:)

There are things from my friends

Say hello:) p.s: it is dirty:p a kid made it became dirty,not me:p

There are part of my "red envelopes" ,I got some many this year:)and I like to collect them,some envelopes are have very good design.

This is my diary book,and the bookmark is from my American friends,who are a very nice couples,the bad thing is I lost their mail address:(

Beautiful?I like this very much,I like collect leaves,different kinds of leaves,I think every leaf has a story when it falls from the tree.

They are the old Chinese currency,one cent and two cent.

This is a postcard from my Singapore friend who is studying in Australia,the koala is so lovly:)I hope I can see them when one day I get Australia:)

Still have a lot of things want to show,but they are at my hometown not here,I hope one day I can take pictures for them.things can remind people a lot of makes me think on nowadays,people have mobile phone,computer and a lot of things make life more easier,in the same time,we will find we cannt find the trace of a lot of memory .history cannt back anymore,when you found one day you try to memorize something but you cannt,it is really a pity thing.everyday we can find a lot of things to keep,if I pay more attention to life,we will have surprise:)

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