Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have no idea what I going to write,just want to mark down some thing for today.Today is my Internation Calender bithday,but it seems has no meaning for me,only few people know this,and I had celebrated my Chinese calender birthday.

I like the weather of today,so nice,at this moment I have one wish is I can sit at the beach and see the sunset.that was what I usually did when I at my home where is a house near the sea.I can feel most of the places I like have sea.for me ,sea has a special feeling,I dont know how to express. everytime when I sit at the beach,I can forget the whole world,let me escape form the real life for a while.I only can have this feeling when I near the sea,this is can see the birds flying above the sea,the blue sky,you can feel the lovly wind kiss your face,and the sound of the sea,all the things are so nice,no noisy,no stress---

I know I cannt fulfill my wish today,because I am at the office at this moment,what I can do is immagin,but it is ok,life always beautiful at the corner,just keep smiling:)

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