Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Discuss The Divine Comedy with Dante

Yesterday I saw an oil paint called "Discuss The Divine Comedy with Dante" on the is amazing paint,and a painting shocked the world.The painting's Dimensions is 6X2.6M,and on the painting there are 103 famous including Presiden Mao,Genghis Khan,Napoleon,George Bush,Bin Laden ,etc,and the famous clone sheep Dollly is also there.and there have some famous architectures,like Pyramid,Chinese Great Wall, is a fun Crossover.

This painting took three Chinese artists one year's time to finish.and the fun thing is at the coner of the painting there are three Chinese dress the modern clothes discussing with the Italian famous poet Dante,and nobody know who are they,actually there are the artists themselves.:)


  1. i am not sure if this comment is good or not,but thank you,and I will not judge this Painting,just for fun,haha:)

  2. i would love to have a copy of this painting, i think it is amazing, these men are very talented....awesome!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi joycee,I feel you like oriental culture,maybe we can disscuss more about this,haha.and welcome to China :)