Thursday, March 26, 2009

Languages of Flowers

Several days ago I visited my sister's friends shop,a flower shop.As a girl,I always know I am different from a lot of girls,I think my personality is closer to boys flower concerned,I can say I know nothing about it.and I dont have too much enthusiasm on them,even I like them.
my sister's friend told me a lot about the languages of flowers,but I cannt remember one,then I checked it on the wiki and other websites,I bet even I read them I still can not remember them,haha.but one thing I can sure is I believe every thing in the nature has its language like human being.I took several pictures of them,but at last what I bought was two bonsais,haha:P

Thrift - Sympathy

Carnation (in general) Bonds of affection; health and energy; fascination; alas for my poor heart
Carnation (pink) - I'll never forget you
Carnation (purple) - Capriciousness; whimsical; changeable
Carnation (red) - My heart aches for you; admiration
Carnation (solid colour) -Yes
Carnation (striped)- No; refusal; sorry I can't be with you; wish I could be with you
Carnation (white) -Sweet and lovely; innocence; pure love; woman's good luck gift
Carnation (yellow) - You have disappointed me; Rejection; disdain

?Rose (red) - Love ; I love you
Rose (white) - Eternal Love; innocence; heavenly; secrecy and silence
Rose (pink) - Perfect happiness; please believe me
Rose (yellow) - Friendship; jealousy; try to care
Rose (black) - Death?Rose (red and white) - Together; unity
Rose (thornless) - Love at first sight
Rose (single, full bloom) - I love you; I still love you
Rose bud - Beauty and youth; a heart innocent of love
Rose bud (red) - Pure and lovely
Rose bud (white) - Girlhood?Rosebud (moss) - Confessions of love
Roses (bouquet of full bloom) - Gratitude
Roses (garland or crown of) - Beware of virtue; reward of merit; crown ; symbol of superior merit
Roses (musk cluster) - Charming
Rose (tea) - I'll always remember
Rose (cabbage) - Ambassador of love
Rose (Christmas) - Tranquilize my anxiety; anxiety
Rose (damask) - Brilliant complexion
Rose (dark crimson) - Mourning
Rose (hibiscus) - Delicate beauty
Rose leaf - You may hope
Lily (general) - Purity
Lily (calla) - Beauty
Lily (day) - Coquetry
Lily (eucharis) - Maidenly charms
Lily (orange) - Hatred
Lily (tiger) - Wealth; pride
Lily (white) - Virginity; purity; majesty; it's heavenly to be with you
Lily (yellow) - I'm walking on air; false and gay
Lily of the valley - sweetness; return to happiness; humility; perferct purity

Forget-me-not--ture love

Sunflower--Pure and lofty thoughts


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  2. Very nice pics and love your post, I like to grow my own flowers, not much into buying them. Nice to see what they mean

  3. I think if you grow it by yourself,it is more fun than just buy them:)hope can see your flowers pictures in your blog,and I really like your food pictures:)

  4. The blue Rose , so amazing ! Whats meaning ?