Thursday, March 5, 2009


It is raining makes me feel really lazy,dont know what to do,and dont want to do anything.feel really tired,as those days busy on work.sometimes it is really sad to be a just graduated do a lot of things but you at the lowest status.although on the other hand it is not bad,because I have a lot of things to learn,and every time I do things full of passion.

Today I went to the global sourses to attend a training,it is a nice an international company,the global sourses is a so nice company,it located in my ex-job's building which is before the exhibition.several months ago,I was working at this building,but now,I represent another company.sometimes I have a feeling,this day is future,because I never know one day I will come back to this building and to be a different today is the future,and it seems interesting when you realized the future is happening.I think you will have no idea about what I talking about,but dont worry,if one day you doing something you never think you will do it,that is future,do you agree?

In this kind of weather it is easy to make people feel sad,I dont know why.try to think about what happening around me,It seems all the people around me are like passers by.every day take bus to company,and then focus on my job, and then back home,take bus,have meal,sleep---always the same,nothing this city(full of people and noisy)it is hard to try to focus on somebody or something,what you want to do is quickly leave all the staff,and back home,have some relax.when everyday becomes the same,you will find it is hard to enjoy life.I am trying to think about when I can quit my job and do things I like,and go to a place no people know me and experience a new life at there.I know it is hard,part reason is because I am a Chinese.the family feeling is hard to can not ignore your family.when the different feeling fighting and fighting at my mind,it is hard to think more,because it will make me more sad.what I can do is to focus on my job,and let full of my mind out of myself,then everything will be more simple.


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