Thursday, April 9, 2009

Days in Guilin

Last weekend,I tried to escape from this nosiy city.then I went to Guilin ,hope can enjoy one moment of peaceful was not bad althought the weather was not good.the landscape is nice,but it is as amazing as I think before,maybe the view is more or less the same in most places in China.anyway,what I want to to experience something now,and breath some fresh air what is hard to find in this crowd nosiy city.

As my limited time,I just viewed some main places,I think people go to Guilin will get those places.the moutains in Guilin are really special.they have different kinds of shapes.but when I see them on the night,I felt a little scared,maybe it is a little strange for me (a person who always near the sea).anyway,it is a new feeling,which I never experience before.

When the bus passed some street corner,I really want to stop it and go to visit those nice corners,a lot of special local people’s houses make it has some nice feeling.but at that time I cannt do that,but I think I will do that if I have next chance to visit there.

The exotic thing is there are some special gods under a mountain which is located on the Guangxi Normal is forbidden to take pictures there,so there is no picture to tell you how is it inside the mountain,but it is amazing,there are a lot of gods who are controlling different people’s life,and each one is connect with your is hard to say this kind of things about god,and for me I don't believe this,but it is one of the Chinese culture.there are a lot of visitors pray infront of the god when we got there,I did too,I made a wish in front of the god who controlling my desitiny,no matter I believe or not,just tell my inner soul what I going to do.


  1. thanks for ur sweety comment:)

  2. Many years ago , there was a song described "I just want to GuiLin, if I have the time but no money , and also , If I have the money , I found there was no time "
    So if you have both , enjoy it !

  3. But I still cannt find the special feeling at Guilin,I dont know why,maybe I prefer the places have sea more than places have moutain,haha

  4. Beautiful pictures, and a very good post. I love the mountains, and the food looked delicious!