Sunday, April 19, 2009

Days when I cannt move

Because of an accident,I slipped at the stair,even it was not a big deal,I still have to stay at home for resting,and my left leg cann't move easily.the first day after I slipped,I stayed at home,suffering the pain of my knee.there was not people at home that day,I didnt know how to prepare my meal,I didnt know how to go to the washroom.even a little movement made my whole body felt painful.there was no difference between me and the disable people at that moment.and I realized the strongest people are those disable people who are ask for help at the road by moving their bodies,I felt shame I dint give money to them most of the time,when we get used to those disable people,we only know they are some lazy guys using this way to collect money,but now I know I am wrong,even one coin can give them hope to life,disability makes them need twice endeavour than normal people,I should respect them.

Except the pain,I am also suffering the boring of always stay at the same place,I cannt out,the feeling of staying at the same place for a long time is worse than suffuring the pain of my knee if you know my friends suggested me read some books or write something.I was a helpful way to control one person.when you reading or writting,you can forget the pain,you can forget the boring feeling,you can forget the whole world,you are in your own world at that is getting hard to find this feeling now.when I at the school,if I want to control myself to study,I can go to the library,and forced myself to focus on my books.after I work,it is hard to find a place like the library to control myself focus on books,thanks god I found the feeling back now,the price is I cannt move.

Life is strange,you only cherish thing after you lose it.Only I cannt move,I ralized how important health is,people always say I want to do more excercises,I want to eat more healthy food,but we never take action or give up when we found it is difficult to make it become your habit,when one day you got sick,you suffering from the pain of your body,you know the importance of is not late if the sick is not a big deal,but no one will know what will happen next step.I heard some people died becaussse one day they realized they had cancer,and it is too the days I cannt move,i think a lot.not only we need take care ourselves,but also we need to cherish people around us,as we will never know what will happen next second,and we should abandon all the compalin,all the sadness,and focus all your attention to cherish each day,to enjoy life,it is so beautiful.if you find it is difficult,then try to smile to life everyday,when we face difficulties,try to force yourself to smile,when it becomes a habit,any problems will not problems any more.

It is not bad to experience different kinds of lives I am living the life like a disable people,but only this way I can learn a lot of things I never experience before,thanks god.


  1. You are so right. Hope you get better soon. I had a very painful knee injury also. It will heal, but it takes time. Time for reflection as you have experienced. Take care and God bless.

  2. Thanks u two's courage,it is getting better now,i really hope i will get well soon,coz it is really boring to stay at home for a long time :(