Thursday, September 17, 2009


Those days I watched a drama called “My Queen”(Bai Quan Nv Wang), long time not watch any dramas. I know it is soap drama, but it really gives me some touching. the story is about a woman who is 33 years old but still single. she is very excellent in career, but failed at love. it makes me think a lot. the heroine’s life is very common nowaday, people’s social circle is limited, and they are hard to trust one another, so they only can find their pleasure in their jobs. I think I am still young, 23 years old, is it old? maybe. butI don’t think so, just my relatives, my colleauges give me the stress like I need to find a boyfriend or I need to think about marriage.

Marriage, what is marriage? it is a woman and a man exchange the rings,and register in the bureau, and live together, have children.seems not bad. one of my classmates who have graduated last year like me got married last year, she was really surprised me, it seems she got married immidately after graduation, she is satisfy with this, and this year,she gave birth to a baby,when she told the process of gave birth to a baby, her face was full of smiling as all the mothers do. when she told me that, it seems marriage and baby is far far from me, I even cant take care of myself, how can I take care of my family my child? it seems its still not what I need to think. there is a phenomena in the society is a lot of girls after they graduate, they prefer to marry a rich man than wasting time of finding a job, because it is very hard to get a job for the gaudates. it seems marriage is changing it is meaning, it is not a responsibility for the couples to make a family, but it contains a lot of elements of profit. Is it a sad thing?

For my classmate,seems her marriage is nice, but life is always not that easy. several days ago I called my friend who married several months ago. when I asked how is his life,it seems he feels very sad. he told me his wife can’t understand him and they argue a lot. his wife even said she wants to get divorce. in my mind, my friend is a very nice man, he treats everyone very nice, he can do very good business and can cook very delicious food, it seems he is so perfect, but he is facing the challenge of marriage. I didn't know how to console him when he complained to me. I think most people have their imagination about marriage before they get marry,after they get married, they will find it is not as what they think, he will face a lot of difficulties of handling the problems happening in the family, therefore,they will feel sad, frustrated. I don't know if what I think is right or not, that is just my feeling.

I still remember that afternoon,it was sunset time, I walked in the campus, the sun shined on a old couples who walked in front of me hand in hand, I was so moved at the moment. After several years, I think that is the meaning of marriage in my mind.

(The pictures are copied from internet)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Found the fun of pictures

I reviewed some old pictures this morning,and found taking picture is really a fantastic thing,what surprised me more is for some pictures,I don't have any feeling on them when I took them,but when I reviewed them,I have so special feeling on them,it is like they are part of my old life,and they have some special feeling of life,that is really wonderful feeling.after reviewed some old pictures,suddenly I have a feeling is I want to take some changing of Chinese's life,as this year is the 60th anniversary of the new China,I think it is fun to do some thing to remember this year:)

Life is the process of choice

It is really a long time since last time I logged in,I really appreciate for a friend's help,I can see my blog again.druing the period I can't open My blog I realized how important the blog means to me,I felt mad sometimes when I want to express something but I can't.Frtunately,I can log in now.

One year later,I am looking for a job again.I don't want to change a job so easily,but I don't have choice this time,they are going to cut the salary,I think it is unacceptable,the most important thing is after thinking,I don't know what is my future position if I keep staying at this company.I don't want after several years,I still the same like other colleauges,that is really sad.I need progress and I need challege,I think I will keep the same as the other colleauges,because they don't have any desire any more after they got married,what they want is keep in their positions,and get some salary every month,that is all for them.I dont want to follow them in this way,therefore,I need to choose my life,and I know life is the process of choice,even I like my colleauges very much,I like my company very much,but for a better life,for my future,I need to abandon this,as I know I can't have all the things in one time,choose to leave is sad,but I know it is right.god bless me.