Thursday, July 29, 2010


I never though tonight one amazing thing happened,which was I can open my blogger again. It is true nothing can be happier for me at this moment. Actually I really like writting,even my writing skill is not that good,but the feeling of writing is really cool.When you are writing,you can forget what is happening around you,you are in your own world.

Time flyes, a lot of things have changed since last time I logged in this blog. Even blogger has changed a lot of its style.It is sad when suddenly you found the whole world is changing but only you still in the same place.I read a lyric wrote like this:my shadow's the only one that walks beside me. Actully I dont want others to see I am seem lonely. Sometimes lonely can be ok, the worse thing is when you found there have nothing worth you to do or none worth you to meet.

These days, I tried to focus myself on my job,I know it is a way to escape from life.I am trying to make myself too busy to be lonely or be bored, Stay at home,reading,hiding on MSN or whatever chat tools, forget the whole world.I know this way will make things worse,but sometimes you can find the peace of your heart. Then I think it is nothing wrong to let yourself to be in this way,