Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love books

Books are such an important thing in my whole life. I loved read novels when I was a kid, I forgot everything when I read a book, which I think is the main reason why I have glasses:P Book was like a window, it let me see the outside world and opened my mind.

There has two years I totally read nothing, and felt life was very boring and empoty and I didnt know what I was miss. When there has one day one friend told me: Rebecca, I think you should read some books, I feel you can't express yourself well. I was shocked at that moment. The thing I was looking for is reading. I really appreciated that friend let me knew the truth and finally I back to the books' world again.
Now, I keep reading, and back to the world only belong to me. When I feel lonely, books give me power. When I feel boring, books give me joy. When I feel lost, books give me the direction. Be a wise girl, I should keep doing this and will not give up.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Just got the picture from Facebook posted by my dear friend Lea, it suddenly reminded me a lot of memories. Half year could make lots of things happen, and I just realized how much I miss she. The days we hanged out, the days we did language exchange, the days we have milk tea, the days we have picnic, the days we attended parties. Wish someday we could meet again!


Back to this blog again, feeling like you missed something before and now you found it.It is a strange feeling, but I feel happy and cant really believe it is real. I really hope it will not be blocked again, please please let me keep writing on this web.