Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I love books

Books are such an important thing in my whole life. I loved read novels when I was a kid, I forgot everything when I read a book, which I think is the main reason why I have glasses:P Book was like a window, it let me see the outside world and opened my mind.

There has two years I totally read nothing, and felt life was very boring and empoty and I didnt know what I was miss. When there has one day one friend told me: Rebecca, I think you should read some books, I feel you can't express yourself well. I was shocked at that moment. The thing I was looking for is reading. I really appreciated that friend let me knew the truth and finally I back to the books' world again.
Now, I keep reading, and back to the world only belong to me. When I feel lonely, books give me power. When I feel boring, books give me joy. When I feel lost, books give me the direction. Be a wise girl, I should keep doing this and will not give up.

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